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Regular Service

We offer full service year round at a set frequency that you choose.  If you have real grass, the only option is every 2 weeks.  If no real grass we can service your yard every 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks.  You choose!  The more "stuff" you have the more often you may want us out.  If your yard is more desert the less often you may want us out.  The most common frequency for yards with no lawn is "monthly" or every 4 weeks.  That is by far the most popular!

Full service includes everything that would be done on a regular basis during the year.  We do them automatically without having to be asked.  If something is done once or twice per year that would be extra. We do try to tell you those extra costs upfront like annual winter lawn install or annual pre-emergence treatment.  Annual tree trim is not part of regular service but we can help you out on that no problem.  Just contact the office for a quote.  

Once you are scheduled for regular service we are out the same day of the week at that set frequency and it's always the same crew that shows up to do the work.  Every crew leader speaks English and all workers are uniformed.  We try to keep a very high professional appearance.  

Contact us today for your full service year round price!  We are here to help.

The Lucas Lawn Care Team since 1994.

Office 602-923-1312 or send us an email on our contacts page up top.